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TFI seeking Campus Ambassadors

31 May

Teach For India is now seeking campus ambassadors and young professional ambassadors. Ambassadors will give 2.5 hours per week to represent Teach For India at their institutions – serving as a liaison and creating awareness about the 2 year Fellowship. They will experience first-hand how an ambitious and global campaign operates and receive weekly training on developing themselves as communicators and leaders. Please e-mail recruitment@teachforindia.org if you would like to interview for this role.

My experience as Teach For India’s Youth Ambassador for GOA:

Although the very first time I spoke to Shveta Raina, National Manager TFI recruitment she asked me if I can be of any help in spreading the word about TFI in Goa, My actual work began very late since somehow the work of sending me info on TFI was delegated to someone and it never reached me until December when Shveta called me up again only to find out that I never recieved any documents from TFI. Anyways by the time I reached Goa, the third and final deadline for applying to 2010 fellowship was approaching and I chalked out a two pronged approach to let people know about the fellowship in whatever little time I had. The very first thing I did was post a lot of stuff about TFI on my blog and social networking pages. Steered a few discussions with friends and took contacts of the general secretaries of various Goan Colleges through DePP i.e. Department of Publicity and Public Relations of my college. My friend Abhay helped me a lot in finding contacts in Goan colleges. Infact we hired a bike and went to the Colleges together. Few of the things that I did were:

  • Spoke to the coordinator of Department of Journalism and Media Affairs of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus and arranged to publish an interview of Madhukar Bhanuri, a 2003 batch BITSian and TFI 2009 fellow in the monthly newspaper called BITS HERALD.
  • Spoke to the placement committee of my College and asked them to put up info on the placement division website, so that people can avail the opportunity. However, this couldn’t work out. But still documents containing info on TFI were spammed on our LAN.
  • had a meeting with the Principal of MES College of Arts and Commerce (he was aware of the movement but hadn’t informed students in his college and was unaware of the final deadline). So gave him a few printed notices which were put up in the college. He even informed me about a principal’s forum which constitutes the principal’s and heads of various other colleges of Goa and they were planning to have their next meeting and I could have addressed all of them together but this possibility faded since we were too late.
  • had a meeting with the placement coordinator of Dhempe College of Arts and Science, she was receptive and agreed to put up the notices which I gave her about TFI.
  • Similarly, noticeswere put up in Salgaocar Law College.
  • I was not really sure if Diploma Holders were elligible to apply for TFI still I met the Principal of GPP(Goa Government Polytechnic) and put up our notice(recruitment Flyer) there.
  • Similarly I had a meeting with the Principal of Goa College of Architecture and briefed him about TFI and handed him the flyers which he agreed to put up on their notice boards. Further he also agreed to forward some of the information about TFI to his past students through mails.
  • Apart from this there were three other colleges i.e. GCE, PCCE and St. Xavier’s amongst which the first two were closed and exams were going on in one so I forwarded some online stuff to their General Secretaries who agreed to spread the word through mails in their colleges.

However, since the deadline was very near and the application procedure is also lengthy all I expected of this was that these guys would have had a look at the website and would atleast know about the movement. 

Suggestion to the new CAs and YPAs

It’s a great opportunity and you will get to meet a lot of awesome people. Start off your work early so that more and more people could use this opportunity. Be on the lookout for opportunities to publicize the movement, and I am sure you will be able to find many such opportunities.

All the Best!!!

P.S.: I am attaching a few files which will help you get an idea of the movement.

Recruitment Flyer


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