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First Day at Teach For India

14 Jun

Have just arrived from the opening ceremony after a loong 1.5 hour commute from symbiosis to I2IT. Want to update on my very first day at Teach For India.

It was looong and tiring…

It started with a small introductory session regarding the mission and vision of Teach For India at 8 am which went on till arnd 9:30. We had a small ORANGE activity. Pretty simple..personally I didn’t enjoy it though. Probably it could have been a lot better. Was a little vague. We were all handed out one orange and were asked to think of it as an orange and try to look at it as an object and then the activity went on in steps of peeling the layers, tasting the peel and then the inner layer and then the fruit. Just to make ppl aware of how u get to know things not by the first glance but you discover them in steps.

The second activity was for around three hours..that was FUN!! actually awesome!!

we were asked to go out into the community find any kid and try to connect as much as possible in just two hours. Now again it was a little vague as the objective wasn’t known but this time we actually had to go and do something so I enjoyed it. Anyways initially I was a little apprehensive to go and just start randomly talking to a kid (awkward). for the first 20 minutes or so I couldn’t find anybody to talk to…later I found kids who were just not interested in talking or even caring to answer anything I asked..but then somehow I found this vegetable shop which was run by a kid(pretty awesome girl Arippa). She studies in std. VI. showed me her std V report card with all As..although I sort of bored her with sooo many of my questions she was pretty considerate and answered them well…told me stuff abt her school and classes and friends..and everyday life..how she helps her mother..u knw that sort of stuff. It was all fine after an hour and half I left..came back.

2 o’clock we started with a session where we were supposed to reflect over the previous activity: DEVASTATING it was.

That’s when I realized I am an engineer I do things but I dont really  feel a lot of the things ppl were actually talking of..and I dont really understand those touchy feely stuff..and I dont ever care to actually think of everyday things soo deeply..come on it was an activity..I enjoyed. its done..No but they asked me to talk of it..how I felt…what could hv been better and stuff..OMG…that was like some therapeutic sessions they show in Psycho movies (remember fightclub) where ppl share experiences(this wasn’t creepy though)..anyways I came out of it in low spirit.

But then again had an awesome and Funfilled evening at Symbiosis..met 09 fellows, staff and ’10 insti1 fellows. It was sort of a nice session. Again Awesome People are here. Seriously Awesome.

So the first day came with its surprises and had those moments when the pendulum shifted between extremes.

All I can say is its too early for me to say anything abt the insti yet and probably tomorrow it will be even more fun. Hope is a good thing my friend.:)