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Two weeks at Summer School

2 Jul

Its been three weeks at TFI institute, two weeks at the summer school and I am still alive. I have survived through it and am here to update on my ongoing journey through the process of personal transformation.

After the first three days of induction which comprised of a lot of fun and reflection we started with actual training on the TAL i.e. Teaching As Leadership model. The sessions have been overwhelming with so much content and information to process, so much learning to take in and so much experiments to make. With classes on behavior management, classroom rules and procedures and standards, skills, five steps lesson plans, assessments, diagnostics and student achievement trackers…Life here has had its highs and lows.

The summer school began on 21st of June where my collab (Manasa, Shaily, Priyanki and Me) has been placed as teachers of class 2 ‘E’. So for the past two weeks have been struggling to teach addition, rounding, place values, phonics and sequencing to some 30 7 year olds and when I say struggling it means STRUGGLING. As Kayt (my collab manager) rightly said that the life of a teacher has its peaks and deathvalleys I have experienced them both in the past two weeks. With so much planning for each session, preparation of charts, coming up with chants and innovative ways of teaching the simplest of concepts to kids we have all been so busy that the sleeping patterns of almost everyone here have changed. Hardly any of us is getting 6 hours sleep with sessions lined up from 7 in the morning to collab meetings till 1 o’clock in the night.

Highlights from the past two weeks:

  • My respect for primary school teachers has increased thousand times because they are the ones who lay foundation on which the growth and achievements of individuals in the country are based, for they are the ones who patiently endeavor to try and teach lifeskills to kids, for they are the ones who are always forgotten and for they are the ones we are deeply indebted to.
  • All the fellows had a session with Dr. Abdul Kalam and ofcourse he was as inspiring and mesmerizing as always. Everything he said and asked us to repeat with himself has had an impact(though not measurable as of now).
  • We had a leadership forum with the former DC of South Delhi who is currently working with MIT’s poverty action lab. I just loved his true story and realistic views on education and growth and governance.
  • We had another session with Kiran Sethi(founder Riverside school and wife of Geet Sethi) : incredible woman, incredible philosophy on education and amazing model of school.
  • Cute beautiful kids give me flowers everyday.
  • There are 30 kids who are always (actually sometimes) ready to keep quite because they want to play with Bhaiya in the break.
  • There are 30 pure souls who wait for bhaiya’s instructions and at least try to abide by them (not always though)
  • I know at times I have really bored these kids but they are always ready to give bhaiya another chance.

In these two weeks at summer school, I have seen change in all of us, the fellows, we have all improved at things in class(far from good though), we have learned much more about kids and what makes them happy(simple things like a star on their hand, a quick game of clapping, running around with bhaiya and didi, a high five, a thumbs up, a pat on the shoulder, LOVE).

In order to motivate our class to perform better, work hard and behave well and ofcourse to impose rules on poor little kids, me and Manasa came up with this silly song which the kids in our class have just fallen in love with and are ever ready to sing in with us and for us:

We are the Champions

The mighty mighty champions

We are always nice

We are always on time

And we follow instructions

We are the champions

The mighty mighty champions!!!