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Teaching As Leadership

4 Jun

Over 20 years, Teach For America has studied the common strategies and methods of teachers who lead their students to phenomenal academic gains. They call the resulting principles of action the Teaching As Leadership Framework. Since the end goal at Teach For India is the same which is student achievement, TFI has been following the same framework in design of their program-from recruitment and selection to training and support-in an attempt to increase the number of teachers who embody these principles.

Teaching As Leadership framework has six principles:

  • Setting Big Goals for Students’ Academic Achievement
  • Investing Students(and their influencer) in working Hard to Reach the Big Goals
  • Planning Purposefully
  • Executing Effectively
  • Continuously Increasing Effectiveness
  • Working Relentlessly

I will be learning these principles over the next one month at Institute and would be applying them into practice over the next two years in my class. 🙂