I am Divesh, a Teach For India 2010 fellow and like everyone else I too have a story and I want to use my story as well as the stories of several others who have stepped out of their comfort zone to remove educational inequity from India to inspire and motivate the ones who are yet to take up the challenge. I got to know about the movement in my fourth year of Engineering from BITS Pilani, Goa Campus and it took me no time to decide that this is what I will be doing after my Engineering. I applied for the fellowship and somehow scraped through the rigorous admission procedure. Everything was on my side, I had made the decision but even after that taking the final step wasn’t easy. It took a lot of introspection, discussions with current fellows and friends and a lot of conviction.

A lot of people have helped me through out the process and I want to do the same for future applicants. I intend to develop an online resource house which would inform people about the movement and how they can be a part of it. There are various myths surrounding the social sector which stop a lot of individuals from venturing into the sector and live the life of their dreams, I plan to burst those myths and help people do what they really want to do. I wish to achieve this by sharing my experiences as TFI fellow.

Through the stories of others I wish to showcase that we are all burdened by heavy expectations but that didn’t make us forget the delights of dreaming and there are many who stepped into ventures that will carve the future of India such as TFI.

I want to bring it to the notice of people that the movement is more than philanthropy and the support system is directed towards empowering low income communities and increasing their competency through education.


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