Day 2 : Things getting Better

17 Jun

Things changed a little bit for me today. We started with a new activity called Yellow Hat inspired by Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats. The Yellow epitomizes Positive thinking.

The Yellow Hat:

The activity started with dividing the entire group into three smaller groups and each of the groups were assigned different tasks. One of the groups had to earn Rs.25(each member) the second group had to feed ten people and the third had to clean a garbage dump and do an art installation our of it. There were various constraints for example one of them was that u can’t spend money, second was that two people our of the group were blindfolded and two weren’t allowed to speak. Moreover we were given 5 minutes to think of 50 things that we could require to do the tasks and out of that 50 almost 35 were struck out so we were left with limited resources that we had to find ourselves.

anyways I was in the third group and we had to find a dump first of all then borrow stuff like water and sticks and whatever we could get to somehow come up with something that would look good in the end(remember art installation)…anyways and all we had were 3 hours to finish it off.

I dont want to give away everything in the post but to tell u a little…it was frustrating, fun, awesome, eyeopening and mindblasting all at the same time. And yeah we did a great job. But then the other groups were like awesome they just pushed themselves to an entirely different of the groups actually got 2 ppl employed at a restaurant(permanent job). So now there are two employed ppl who were unemployed until a few TFI fellows went out for a small activity(I wonder what all will the fellows achieve in the next two years.) The third group earned INR 450 by washing cars and showing card tricks to people around Hinjewadi.

The insights that we got into the mindsets of others and more importantly our own during the debrief are immense.

After the activity all I can say is that I am in awe..I am in awe of the creativity, resilience and persistence that everyone around me shows here. People push themselves into their uncomfortable job…achieve great results and then make it sound like nothing at all..(a lesson in humility has to be learned here)

After a few other awesome activities and a talent show I think even I have started pushing myself to do things I never ever ever did before..for example I chose to sing infront of everyone when I never ever ever ever sing…I even wrote the song myself(not absolutely true I sort of killed another song to make up mine). 🙂


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